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Building Design

Is the main object of activity and includes all activities related to obtaining execution details compatible with the geometry, the location and function of the building.

This work includes the creation of the conceptual model which is harmonized with code requirements, architecture requirements and beneficiary options:
    - Static and dynamic analysis of the structural model;
    - Dimensioning the structural elements and assemblies;
    - Detailing of the design drawings for structural components and subassemblies;
    - Written pieces related to field verification and materialization of  the project (technical report, calculation summary, specifications);
    - Technical assistance throughout the construction execution.
Activity design is performed using specialized programs for:
- Structural design: Autodesk® Robot ™ Structural Analysis Professional, GRAITEC Advance Design, Athens, StruSoft PRE-Stress;
 - Modeling and general editing: Autodesk Revit, Autodesk AutoCAD;
 - Modeling and editing of steel structures: Autodesk Advance Steel;
 - Modeling and editing concrete structures: Advance Concrete Autodesk, Autodesk AutoCAD Structural Detailing.
 Topics of study:
Intelligent building -  environmentally friendly materials construction  (earth, stone, straw, wood);
Energy independent building
Building Design#1

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